Crandelion-Don’t Mind The Merry Go Round

I’m a few weeks behind on Crandelion’s latest single, along with everything else in life, but I’m hoping my words of excitement will earn some forgiveness. In a way, I’m a bit glad that I waited on this one, because it is a summer song without a doubt. It’s got a sunny, California vibe to it that makes repeat listens not just enjoyable, but necessary. … Continue reading Crandelion-Don’t Mind The Merry Go Round

Ezra Furman at Thalia Hall 6/1/22

It’s been over a decade since I first wrote about Ezra Furman. Since then, I’ve said pretty much everything a person could possibly say about an artist they greatly respect and admire. She’s one of the greatest songwriters I’ve ever had the pleasure to hear. She’s one of the fiercest performers I’ve ever seen. And she’s one of the most humble human beings I’ve ever … Continue reading Ezra Furman at Thalia Hall 6/1/22

Walcot-It Feels Alright

The weather hasn’t quite turned, and it’s only been a couple days since your mom texted you an “It’s Gonna Be May” meme, but summer really is right around the corner. With all those sunny days and positive vibes coming, we all need to prepare, and that includes adding songs to a new SUMMER 22 playlist. Enter Walcot’s latest single, “It Feels Alright,” which is … Continue reading Walcot-It Feels Alright

July Talk at Bottom Lounge 4/18/22

It had been a while since my last July Talk show. Even before the world shut down, it had been a couple of years. Still, my memory of them being one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen proved to be true. One song in to their set at Bottom Lounge was long enough for me to see that they hadn’t lost any of … Continue reading July Talk at Bottom Lounge 4/18/22

The Dead Deads at Park West 3/30/22

Going in to Park West on March 30th to see The Darkness, I had never heard of Nashville-based rock group The Dead Deads. I was approached by more than one fellow concertgoer who asked me if I was familiar with them, assuring me that I was in for a treat once they took the stage. To their credit, they were all correct. Once the band … Continue reading The Dead Deads at Park West 3/30/22