Chris Milam-In The Blood

It’s been a few years since I met Chris Milam outside the Uncommon Ground (on Clark) here in Chicago. He was promoting his very good album Kids These Days and we had a nice talk about everything other than that. My takeaway was that he’s a good guy, great songwriter, and seems to be genuinely interested in a lot of different things. He’s had what … Continue reading Chris Milam-In The Blood

Chris Milam-Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (Video)

Back in July I had the opportunity to see Chris Milam play at Uncommon Ground and take some photographs of him. We chatted for a while about a lot of stuff-music, the Grizzlies, the city of Memphis. I came away with a pretty good sense of who he is, I think. Chris is a very bright guy, a talented musician, and kind beyond words. His … Continue reading Chris Milam-Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (Video)