A Man Called War-The Eastern Seaboard Demo

A few days ago I heard a the debut release from┬áMan Called War, a duo based out of Austin, TX. I was going back and forth trying to decide if I should write about it, as I tend to avoid most records so overtly religious. However, the songs work regardless of content, and I actually like them quite a bit. Rob Kelly and Maggie Foy … Continue reading A Man Called War-The Eastern Seaboard Demo

Thomas Kivi & The Immigrants

I first heard of Thomas Kivi when he was opening for Jason Myles Goss here in Chicago, alongside his bandmate Sarah Pray. They traded lead vocals back and forth, playing songs off both of their solo albums and a couple covers. They had good chemistry together, and their voices fit together very well. Kivi’s first album, Crying Child, is good-very precious at times. There’s a … Continue reading Thomas Kivi & The Immigrants