Tiffany Young-Peppermint

Five days a week for eight straight hours I’m forced to listen to Christmas music. It’s brutal listening to same, tired “classics” over and over again. Mostly because those songs were all written 50+ years ago and are only considered classics because there aren’t new songs taking their place. This year I made an effort to get more non-traditional songs on the Christmas mix (“Santa … Continue reading Tiffany Young-Peppermint

Lindsey Stirling-Warmer In The Winter

It’s near the end of September and I’ve just received my first press release for a new album of Christmas music that’s coming out next month. After years of working in restaurants and retail spaces where they force the workers to listen to Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day every year, I try to avoid any kind of holiday tunes as much as possible. … Continue reading Lindsey Stirling-Warmer In The Winter

On a personal note…with Patrick Tape-Fleming

   For some reason I have always been drawn to and try to write songs that could tear a soul apart. Songs that take the blame for failure. Songs that reference melody and or lyrics from other songs to make the point dig in even deeper. Songs that long for a simpler time, as a child or in a dream maybe. It was not until … Continue reading On a personal note…with Patrick Tape-Fleming