Your Hands-Down Here Waiting

I’m in the middle of moving from a studio apartment to a two-bedroom condo, so I missed posting when this song came out last week. Your Hands, the nom de plume for Danish singer/songwriter Johannes Brandstrup, just started releasing music last year. He already has a clear vision for his sound, which is referred to as “classic pop.” And classic it is. When I first … Continue reading Your Hands-Down Here Waiting

Valentine’s Love Fest

   In past years I’ve always made a playlist of songs that I thought fit with the Valentine’s Day celebration. This year, I’ve decided to do a list of films instead, since there aren’t enough good love songs coming out every year to necessitate a new list. So here are some things you can watch with your boo/bae/significant other. The Philadelphia Story: Cary Grant as … Continue reading Valentine’s Love Fest

Let Curiosity Be Your Compass

There are very few things that bother me. As human beings go, I like to think I’m of the more laid back variety. I’m sure anyone that knows me would confirm this as fact. There are instances when I get frustrated with people, though. The biggest thing that gets me all bent out of shape is when I say something like “Oh, if you like … Continue reading Let Curiosity Be Your Compass