Jon Daly-Cheer Me Up

Last month I did a rewatch of all three season of The Kroll Show. During that time, I came to really appreciate the comedy stylings of Jon Daly. He’s a great complement to Kroll’s energy, and his characters are all really funny. In particular I love his Pittsburgh pawn shop owner whose accent I can not figure out at all (does anyone from Pittsburgh talk … Continue reading Jon Daly-Cheer Me Up

Night Owls **** (out of *****)

   “This movie cost less to make than that car sitting outside,” Adam Pally said, comparing his new film Night Owls to the $220,000 Aston Martin parked in front of Music Box Theatre (AM is one of the sponsors of the Chicago Critics Film Festival.) “Like, $100,000 less.” You wouldn’t know by watching the film. Sure it’s just two people talking for 95% of the … Continue reading Night Owls **** (out of *****)

Golden Globes Predictions 2015

I’ve seen a lot of the movies nominated for Golden Globes this year, but not all. My general rule is to see everything before the Academy Awards. With most Awards-baiting movies playing in limited release until after the holiday season, it’s tough to get to everything before the Globes. I’ll try my best to predict the winners (note: I never get these right). My choice … Continue reading Golden Globes Predictions 2015

What We Do In The Shadows-***1/2 (Out Of *****)

Two-thirds of the creative team behind Flight Of The Conchords teamed up to bring us this mockumentary about vampires living in Wellington. Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi share duties both writing and directing, and do a great job of keeping the pace nice and easy. With tales of the supernatural, I find that some films try to over explain things to get you to buy … Continue reading What We Do In The Shadows-***1/2 (Out Of *****)

The Interview *** (Out of *****)

I don’t remember the last time a movie stirred up this much controversy. The stupidity of Showgirls NC-17 rating, the outrage over the portrayal of teens in Larry Clark’s Kids, the X-rating for the raw sexuality of Last Tango In Paris’s “Go-get-the-butter” scene. Censoring these films and making them difficult to see only makes us want to see it more. Generally that sets us up … Continue reading The Interview *** (Out of *****)