Lillie Mae at Old Town School Of Folk Music 6/7/18

Last night was a bit of a homecoming for Lillie Mae and her bandmates/siblings. Born in Illinois before moving to Nashville, the Rische’s were born to make music and all their aunts and uncles and cousins were in Chicago to hear them play. It gave the show a different kind of vibe, as no one was holding back their hoots and hollers. If they liked … Continue reading Lillie Mae at Old Town School Of Folk Music 6/7/18

Katie Toupin-Moroccan Ballroom

The title of Katie Toupin‘s debut EP evokes a kind of fantastical vision of a faraway land full of adventure and excitement. Instead, it’s the name of the recording studio in Los Angeles where the record was recorded live-truly an adventure in it’s own right. This is a confident and passionate performance of Toupin’s first new music since departing from indie rockers Houndmouth in 2016. … Continue reading Katie Toupin-Moroccan Ballroom

H.C. McEntire-“Quartz In The Valley”

Monday mornings are always rough, but winter Monday’s are especially painful. It’s days like these I’m thankful for the good folks at Merge who always seem to have something new in my inbox to get my week going. This new single from H.C. McEntire is hitting all the right notes for me, so maybe today won’t be so bad. Almost left behind until Kathleen Hanna … Continue reading H.C. McEntire-“Quartz In The Valley”

Ryan Joseph Anderson-City Of Vines

I’ve been a fan of Ryan Joseph Anderson for a long while now. I first came across him as a guitarist in Michele McGuire’s band back in 2012. Then I saw him open a couple shows as a solo act, appearing with a backup vocalist. Most recently I caught him, once again on guitar, playing one of the most splendid guitar solos I’ve seen along … Continue reading Ryan Joseph Anderson-City Of Vines