Titus Andronicus-An Anomaly

Titus Andronicus is about to drop their seventh album, and yesterday they released a seven minute music video for the track “An Anomaly.” As a big fan of Patrick Stickles and his devotion to rock music, I am excited to hear all the new instant classics Titus has in store for us at the end of this month when The Will To Live is released. … Continue reading Titus Andronicus-An Anomaly

Jennifer Hall-In The Water

It’s been a while since Jennifer Hall appeared here on the site. She’s back with a great video for her latest single, “In The Water.” There’s been a trend in the last year or so, one that I’m completely in favor of, that has music videos featuring dancers performing instead of the artist. “In The Water” is actually one of the better ones I’ve seen. … Continue reading Jennifer Hall-In The Water

Dead Is The Cat: Inter-Dimensional Disco Balls

Woke up to this track in my inbox this morning and weirdly had a minute to check it out before heading to work. There’s a lot going on here and it’s a fun four minutes. Then I read the quotes from the two current members of the band and I appreciated the song even more. There’s something very compelling about an album that makes the … Continue reading Dead Is The Cat: Inter-Dimensional Disco Balls

Fujiya & Miyagi To Play Lincoln Hall 4/3/18

Back in the early 2000’s I had a job where I was driving a lot. I had an iPod but sometimes it wasn’t charged or I wanted to hear something else, so I would tune in to 88.5 KURE, the college radio station for Iowa State. One of the few things I’ve carried with me from that time in Iowa was that city’s love for … Continue reading Fujiya & Miyagi To Play Lincoln Hall 4/3/18