Terriers-I Don’t Still Want To Unless You Want To

Flashback to May 2013. Terriers were about to release their debut album, Unrequited Admiration Society and I invited them to come to Handwritten Recording and do a tune for my Hasty Revelations project. I posted the song as some extra coverage for their record release, though the song was new and didn’t appear on that first album. Now, over four years later, “Anything” is the … Continue reading Terriers-I Don’t Still Want To Unless You Want To

Terriers-Unrequited Admiration Society

When Holdfast disbanded about 18 months ago, I feared the worst. They weren’t the greatest band in the world, but they were good and getting better. Now two separate bands, Lamp and Terriers, I think everyone can agree that we are all better off for the split. Danny Cohen and Easton Gruber started the latter, joined by Connor Boyle (a solo artist as well), Nora … Continue reading Terriers-Unrequited Admiration Society