Razorhouse-Codex Tres Lingua

Codex Tres Lingua, the third EP from Chicago’s Razorhouse, begins precariously planted in the industrial roots and pop dreams of the band’s mastermind Mark Panick. After 30 years in the game, Panick still finds ways to add wrinkles to the formula, and “Go” has the kind of singer/songwriter sensibility that we’ve learned over time is possible from hard rockers and post-punk screamers alike. As with … Continue reading Razorhouse-Codex Tres Lingua

The Rigs-“Hunted”

After listening to the first minute of The Rigs new single, it’s no wonder TV and film music supervisors have used their songs multiple times. They have a very cinematic sound that fits well as a driving force of drama. “Hunted” is a dark and compelling track that combines synthpop and dark wave influences to form a song anoint standing upfront what you believe. TJ … Continue reading The Rigs-“Hunted”

Birdman ***** (Out Of *****)

A play within a play has long been one of my favorite devices in storytelling. If isn’t used often, and some directors have a hard time keeping things together, but when it’s done well it can add such a great layer to each character. Such is the case with Alejandro González Iñárittu’s new film Birdman. Michael Keaton delivers the performance of his career as a … Continue reading Birdman ***** (Out Of *****)

Mister Lies at Schubas 10/10/2013

I generally don’t go in for sets when it’s just going to be a guy behind a laptop. I listened to Mister Lies new release Mowgli and decided to check him out because there is something in his music that gets into your head. He was doing an opening set for the Montreal band Young Galaxy, and it didn’t seem like there was much interest … Continue reading Mister Lies at Schubas 10/10/2013