Top 10 Moments In Music 2014

10. Lorde’s Identity Is Revealed And She’s Actually Randy Marsh. 9. U2 Put An Album In My iTunes, And Apple Made An Update To Take It Off 8. Keira Knightley Can Sing? 7. Justin Timberlake Making A Run For The Border After His People’s Choice Award Win 6. Jay Z and Solange Fight In An Elevator-FINALLY a reason to bring up BeyoncĂ© 5. The Roots … Continue reading Top 10 Moments In Music 2014


In an effort to expand my horizons here on the site, I thought I might try to include some reviews of albums that most indie-skewing blogs wouldn’t touch. I’ve never listened to a full Beyonce album until this latest release, but I have heard all of her singles-each about a hundred million times due to the every-hour-on-the-hour radio play she’s received over the years. Here’s … Continue reading Beyonce-4