The Right Now-Starlight

A few years ago someone sent me a copy of The Right Now Gets Over You to review. It wasn’t like anything I was listening to at the time-a throwback breakup record filled with funk and R&B and some of the best vocals I’d heard in ages. While Stefanie Berecz’s vocals carried the record for me, it was apparent that there was a lot of … Continue reading The Right Now-Starlight

Beck “Dreams” Up Something Sweet

After taking a detour back through Sea Change country on Morning Phase, Beck is back with a track that would make Pitbull weep sugary tears it’s so sticky with pop sweetness. The genre-bending icon hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to disco tinged dance rock. This is the most fun he’s had on record since the release of Guero, and I can’t wait to … Continue reading Beck “Dreams” Up Something Sweet

Stars at Metro with Milo Greene 3/23/13

Last year Stars released The North, the fifth full-length from the Toronto quintet. It was a continuation of their great run so far, being one of the few bands, in my mind, to not release a bad album. In fact, when I filled out my Pitchfork People’s List last year, there were only two names that appeared more than once : Beck (Sea Change and … Continue reading Stars at Metro with Milo Greene 3/23/13