Exclusive New Track From Bedroom Sons Upcoming EP

Over the past two years I’ve really enjoyed my time discovering new Chicago bands. One of my favorite finds has been Chris Dertz’s solo project, Bedroom Sons. Chris recently made the move from DeKalb to the big city to pursue music more seriously. In a couple days there will be a new Bedroom Sons EP to make us question why any of us even bother … Continue reading Exclusive New Track From Bedroom Sons Upcoming EP

They Shoot Videos, Don’t They?

I remember when I was younger watching music videos was something like a religious experience. Every day after school kids would rush home to act as the congregation for reverend Carson Daly as he sermonized the MTV-anointed popular music for us. The show changed the music industry in it’s own way. Instead of having a few really movie-quality videos, everyone had to have one. And … Continue reading They Shoot Videos, Don’t They?

Hasty Revelations 2013 Wishlist

Now that we’ve put the 2012 edition of Hasty Revelations to bed, it’s time to start looking forward to who we’ll work with in 2013. I’ve compiled a list of all the Chicago bands that I would like to have play at Handwritten this year. If we get some non-Chicagoans, I’ll keep that a secret until it’s posted. I’ve already been in communication with a … Continue reading Hasty Revelations 2013 Wishlist

Unknown Component-Blood v. Electricity

It’s been a little over a year since the last album from Unknown Component, the recording project of Keith Lynch. I liked the last release, The Infinite Definitive, enough to recommend it. I think I like Blood v. Electricity a little more. If nothing else, I’m happy that it’s not more of the same, as is often the case when I review a band and … Continue reading Unknown Component-Blood v. Electricity

What Tyrants-Kill The Cat

The music scene in Minneapolis has always been a conundrum to me. A lot of times you can say a city and I immediately connect it with a style of music (Chicago=blues, NYC=indie rock, and so on). But Minneapolis has given us The Replacements, Prince, and the hip-hop crew Rhymesayers. It’s this eclecticism that draws me to the Twin Cities, and it seems to be … Continue reading What Tyrants-Kill The Cat