Bayou Maharajah-Chicago Premiere May 2nd at CIMM Fest

Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know the name James Booker. Just be glad that somebody does, and they made a great documentary about him. Through Lily Keber’s Bayou Maharajah, her first doc feature, we get the inside story on one of America’s greatest unknown musicians. Though it is a little bit longer than it needed to be, the narrative of the feature sticks to … Continue reading Bayou Maharajah-Chicago Premiere May 2nd at CIMM Fest

The Man Behind The Throne-Chicago Premiere at CIMM Fest 5/4

Back in the day when music videos were still THE popular form of artists getting their music out there I would spend hours in front of the television watching elaborate dances to all the big pop songs. It never occurred to me that someone was coming up with all the moves the dancers were performing. It certainly never crossed my mind that one person was … Continue reading The Man Behind The Throne-Chicago Premiere at CIMM Fest 5/4

Mistaken For Strangers

Last night I walked into the tiny Facets Cinemateque theater to see Mistaken For Strangers. I thought it was just going to be a run-of-the-mill doc following the band around with a bunch of concert footage and some silly behind the scenes antics. Instead I saw a real movie about a man (director Tom Berninger) searching for his place in life and coming to terms … Continue reading Mistaken For Strangers

Stones In Exile

Exile On Main Street is one of the greatest records ever released. When it came out in 1972, Rolling Stones were the biggest band in the world, hands down. To release a massive, ambitious double album was a gamble for them. Stones In Exile is a documentary about the making of the album, but it’s also about a band finding themselves painted into a corner … Continue reading Stones In Exile

I Am Not A Rock Star **** (Out Of *****)

Over the next few days I’ll be covering some events for the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival. This is one I couldn’t get to, so I’m reviewing it early. There is no end to my fascination with child prodigies. The natural talent, the ambition to succeed-things most people will never have-some realize when they’re toddlers. When I read the synopsis for I Am Not … Continue reading I Am Not A Rock Star **** (Out Of *****)