Ike Reilly at Double Door 3/18/2016

I’ve gone to enough concerts over the years to have some kind of idea of what to expect. If I go see someone, particularly someone I’ve seen multiple times and have a general fondness for, at some point in the show they’re gonna play a song I’m not all that into. Not a bad song mind you, just one that I don’t dig as much … Continue reading Ike Reilly at Double Door 3/18/2016

In Photos: Molehill at Double Door 12/5/2015

Another Molehill show, another great time. These guys always do a great job of bringing the rock. This was their last show in Chicago for the year, and it was awesome. That’s pretty much par for the course nowadays, but any opportunity to see Molehill on stage is well worth your time. Continue reading In Photos: Molehill at Double Door 12/5/2015

Day 1 CIMM Fest Highlights

Today kicks off the 7th annual Chicago International Movies & Music Festival, and they’ve got a great lineup for the first day of viewing. There’s also some awesome bands playing later tonight that you should check out. Below, my picks for which films to see and which concert to hit. If you have the day off from work, you can hit some of the early … Continue reading Day 1 CIMM Fest Highlights

Lollapalooza After Shows Predictions

Well, it’s almost that time of year again-Lolla after shows will be announced next week! Continuing a now three year tradition, I will attempt to predict who will play at which venue. Keep in mind that in three years my total accuracy has been 0 percent, which means I have never called one right. Is this the year I turn it around? Read on to … Continue reading Lollapalooza After Shows Predictions