Sarah Jaffee-The Way Sound Leaves A Room

I first became aware of singer/songwriter Sarah Jaffee as I was making plans for SxSw back in March. She was getting a lot of buzz as a new talent out of Denton, TX and I tried but was unsuccessful in getting us an interview slot. I downloaded her debut full-length, Suburban Nature, and while I didn’t love it, I did see that she was a … Continue reading Sarah Jaffee-The Way Sound Leaves A Room


In an effort to expand my horizons here on the site, I thought I might try to include some reviews of albums that most indie-skewing blogs wouldn’t touch. I’ve never listened to a full Beyonce album until this latest release, but I have heard all of her singles-each about a hundred million times due to the every-hour-on-the-hour radio play she’s received over the years. Here’s … Continue reading Beyonce-4