Stars-The North

Like all Canadian bands, Stars have their roots firmly planted in the Broken Social Scene tree. They’ve worked together off and on since the early, early pre-2000 days. Oddly, I started getting into Stars before I really got to know Broken Social Scene. Finding out the two bands were connected certainly wasn’t a shock as they seem to have some similar attitudes toward recording and … Continue reading Stars-The North

Patrick Watson-Adventures In Your Own Back Yard


When Justin Vernon is jolted awake in his cabin after a particularly hot wet dream-one so hot he requires a bath in ice cubes like Tim Robbins in Jacob’s Ladder-I can only assume that he was fantasizing about making music as precious as Patrick Watson. While I’ve always been baffled by the worlds undying devotion to Bon Iver as the greatest music ever delivered unto man by the heavens, I can actually see the beauty in Adventures In Your Own Back Yard. That doesn’t necessarily mean I like it, but at least I understand why some may. Continue reading “Patrick Watson-Adventures In Your Own Back Yard”

Beach House-Bloom

Are you one of those people who instantly fell in love with Beach House‘s critically praised album Teen Dream? You know, the dream pop album that took America by storm in January 2010 and made all other dream pop acts sound like Hanson cover bands? If you answered yes, you’re probably going to love their new album, Bloom. If you’re like me, it probably won’t … Continue reading Beach House-Bloom