St. Lenox-Ten Hymns From My American Gothic

It’s no surprise to me that in 2016, the best album about America is by a first-generation son of Korean immigrants. Andrew Choi’s music toes the line between bitterness and hope. The exhausting journey to find your path and follow it is hard, but there is a chance it’s all gonna be worth it in the end. St. Lenox, Choi’s title for his musical project, … Continue reading St. Lenox-Ten Hymns From My American Gothic


  If nothing else, Dastardly is always prepared to try something different. Originally a great country band, they took a turn a few years ago when they started adding in more jazz elements. They took it all the way with what I think is their best release, Ballads In Blue–a short and dreamy concept record they released in July 2012. Now they’re coming back with a … Continue reading Dastardly-“Sailor”

In Tall Buildings-“Cry Bawl Wail”

This morning brought the release of the second single off Driver, the new album from Chicago’s In Tall Buildings. We still have about a month before we get to hear the whole thing, but “Flare Gun” and “Bawl Cry Wail” give us a little peek at what’s in store. While the first single had a synth-pop vibe beneath the dreamy ambience, “Cry Bawl Wail” goes … Continue reading In Tall Buildings-“Cry Bawl Wail”