Frankie Rose-Herein Wild

Frankie Rose‘s third album, Herein Wild, continues the steady improvement she showed on 2012’s Interstellar. She sets herself apart from other dream-pop artists with perfectly executed orchestrations and vocals. What makes her different than most others is that she writes so specifically for her voice that I couldn’t imagine anyone else singing these songs. It’d be like anyone else singing Camera Obscura songs besides Tracyanne … Continue reading Frankie Rose-Herein Wild

Ender Belongs To Me “Clouding”

Ender Belongs To Me was first brought to my attention late last year by a fellow music writer who I’ve traded some back and forth tweets/emails with over the past few months. There wasn’t much information to go on, just a few songs that were posted up on bandcamp to check out. The project is anonymous, with both full-time members going under the psuedonym Peter … Continue reading Ender Belongs To Me “Clouding”