Loci Records Showcase at Lincoln Hall 12/16/2016

Friday night I had the opportunity to take some pictures at the Loci Records Showcase at Lincoln Hall. The headlining artist on this tour is Emancipator, performing a set with Lapa (who also opens the show). Tor and Chicago’s own Edamame are the other two featured artists. They had the stage set up with one long table that held laptops and mixing gear that all … Continue reading Loci Records Showcase at Lincoln Hall 12/16/2016

Mamby On The Beach Day 1

Mamby On The Beach is a bit odd compared to other music festivals. Unlike React’s Spring Awakening, Mamby isn’t purely an electronic music fest, though the crossover of fans seems pretty high. This year’s lineup brings out a decent amount of rap and electronic artists, but many of them blend the two together. And then you have bands like Animal Collective and Wild Belle that … Continue reading Mamby On The Beach Day 1


Synth and drum music can often feel cold and detached. JoyCut feels like a breath of fresh air because they imbue their tones with the glowing warmth of positive energy. “Wireless” makes me think of what Survivor’s “Eye Of The Tiger” might sound like were it originally recorded by Vangelis or Tangerine Dream. With two drummers providing the beats, and one person manipulating the synths, … Continue reading JoyCut-“Wireless”