Craig Kierce-Though The Road Between Us Is Long

This album ended up in my email and I somehow completely missed it for a month. Fortunately, a month isn’t much time for an album that was mostly recorded in 2017. Craig Kierce sat on the album for a few years until he felt it was ready to be unleashed on the world, and that moment came on April 30th. Leaving the hip-ness of Brooklyn … Continue reading Craig Kierce-Though The Road Between Us Is Long

Mooner Release New Single “Alison” (Video)

I got to see Mooner in a unique setting last week when they played as a duo at Jerry’s in Wicker Park. It was a nice reminder of how solid their songs are, as I hadn’t seen them perform in about a year. The vocals were pushed a little further than a normal show, so you could really hear Lee Ketch’s voice singing his words. … Continue reading Mooner Release New Single “Alison” (Video)