Fury Things/Brilliant Beast Release Split EP

Guilt Ridden Pop sends me music intermittently, and sometimes it’s really good. Such is the case with the new split EP from Minneapolis-based bands Fury Things and Brilliant Beast. While the differences between the two bands are many, hearing them back to back isn’t off-putting. Rather, it’s quite interesting to hear the fast garage-punk of Fury Things clashing with the shoegaze-y lushness of Brilliant Beast. … Continue reading Fury Things/Brilliant Beast Release Split EP

Shilpa Ray Releases Make Up EP Ahead Of US Tour

The pairing of Lou Reed and Dinah Washington covers may seem like an odd selection for an EP to some (including myself), but in the hands of Shilpa Ray it makes all the sense in the world. The singer turns both into timeless jazz standards with a brassy voice perfect for the Broadway stage. Both are a far cry from the sounds on Ray’s debut … Continue reading Shilpa Ray Releases Make Up EP Ahead Of US Tour

Sinclair-“The World Is Ours”

Heard this fun synthpop track and wanted to share it. This is from Sinclair’s debut EP Sweet Talk, which comes out next week on November 4th. I’d never heard of Sinclair before, but the New York native now living in Nashville writes some catchy tunes. There isn’t much out there for you to check out just yet, so listen to the song below and remember … Continue reading Sinclair-“The World Is Ours”

Arp-Pulsars e Quasars (Video)

  When I first hit play on the new Arp (Alexis Georgopoulos) single “Pulsars e Quasars,” I thought I wouldn’t like it. The opening is kinda sleepy and didn’t grab me right away. But after I let it play a little longer, it became more and more interesting. There’s a compelling dynamic going on in the song between light and heavy sounds that really got … Continue reading Arp-Pulsars e Quasars (Video)