Jeff Tweedy at Canal Shores Golf Course 08/10/19

Jeff Tweedy, the affable and often misunderstood frontman of Wilco hit the stage at Canal Shores Golf Course on Saturday as part of SPACE’s Out Of Space summer program. This year’s sets also featured bands like Cake, I’m With Her, and Bruce Hornsby. None of them are as tied to the city of Chicago as Tweedy, so it was no surprise to find a huge … Continue reading Jeff Tweedy at Canal Shores Golf Course 08/10/19

Ezra Furman at Space 1/7/2017

I’m repeating myself for maybe the thousandth time, but there is nothing greater than seeing Ezra Furman perform in front of a hometown crowd. He’s so comfortable and at ease that the show is like an episode of Storytellers. He talks at length about songs and what he’s feeling and it’s amazing. This solo show was no different, and I’m glad I could make it … Continue reading Ezra Furman at Space 1/7/2017

Charming Axe Tonight At 27 Live In Evanston

Chicago’s own Charming Axe will be playing a live set tonight at 27 Live to celebrate their new covers record Gathering Days. The folk/roots trio met up at Old Town School Of Music 15 years ago, and have been playing covers and some original material together ever since. Certainly a talented group of musicians, they sound best when the voices of Rob Newhouse, Eugenia Elliott, … Continue reading Charming Axe Tonight At 27 Live In Evanston

Ezra Furman and the Boyfriends at Space 7/27/2014

ef-21Ezra Furman and the Boyfriends are the best rock and roll band working today. If you don’t agree I’m guessing it’s for one of the following reasons: a) You’ve never listened to them, or b) You’re in a band and think that you’re the best band working today (you’re not). Over the past couple years Furman and his band have created two of the best records to see a release, and the live show they put on is always extraordinary.

Last night they played in their favorite venue, Space. A return home for the Evanston natives after a long stint in Europe. They played two sets with no opener and covered a lot of ground in the Furman songbook. They even played a track recorded for Day Of The Dog that they decided not to use on the album. It’s actually a really good tune that has lines like “It’s good to be drunk on the weekend, but it’s better to be drunk all week” and “I have a bright future in music as long as I don’t find true happiness.”

The first set was shorter, maybe a half hour or so that started off with “I Wanna Destroy Myself” and included a cover of Springsteen’s Darkness On The Edge Of Town classic “Promised Land.” They also covered Paul Baribeau’s “The Mall,” which features on Day Of The Dog.
Continue reading “Ezra Furman and the Boyfriends at Space 7/27/2014”