An Exclusive Interview With Matt Priest Of Canasta

It’s been a long time since I’ve done an interview that was just one-on-one, so I wanted to try some different things. When I met Matt at Schubas, we started talking and we got a few minutes in so I just decided to turn the camera on and let it roll without doing any introductions or anything, just two guys talking. We covered some really … Continue reading An Exclusive Interview With Matt Priest Of Canasta

Jason Myles Goss on “Hospital Shirt”

The new record by Jason Myles Goss, Radio Dial, has been one of my favorite listens this year. He’s a great songwriter and talented guitarist/singer. You’ll have to wait until June to hear the whole album, so I asked if he would be interested in writing about my favorite song “Hospital Shirt.” To my surprise, I received this beautiful piece back in around 24 hours. This essay almost matches the beauty of the song itself. Read about where the song came from and then hear it for yourself at the end. Continue reading “Jason Myles Goss on “Hospital Shirt””