Ezra Furman-Unbelievers (Vampire Weekend Cover)

I’ve never been a fan of Ezra Koenig. He may be my least favorite of the Ezra’s. Fortunately Ezra Furman is one that I could listen to all day every day. His choice of covers is always interesting (last month when I saw him play he ended the encore with a solo version of Brian Wilson’s “Love and Mercy”). This raw take on Vampire Weekend’s … Continue reading Ezra Furman-Unbelievers (Vampire Weekend Cover)

Ezra Furman and the Boyfriends at Space 7/27/2014

ef-21Ezra Furman and the Boyfriends are the best rock and roll band working today. If you don’t agree I’m guessing it’s for one of the following reasons: a) You’ve never listened to them, or b) You’re in a band and think that you’re the best band working today (you’re not). Over the past couple years Furman and his band have created two of the best records to see a release, and the live show they put on is always extraordinary.

Last night they played in their favorite venue, Space. A return home for the Evanston natives after a long stint in Europe. They played two sets with no opener and covered a lot of ground in the Furman songbook. They even played a track recorded for Day Of The Dog that they decided not to use on the album. It’s actually a really good tune that has lines like “It’s good to be drunk on the weekend, but it’s better to be drunk all week” and “I have a bright future in music as long as I don’t find true happiness.”

The first set was shorter, maybe a half hour or so that started off with “I Wanna Destroy Myself” and included a cover of Springsteen’s Darkness On The Edge Of Town classic “Promised Land.” They also covered Paul Baribeau’s “The Mall,” which features on Day Of The Dog.
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Ezra Furman At SPACE 12/29/12

I wasn’t expecting to see another show after hitting The Killers set at UIC Pavillion. It was Christmas time so I was traveling around and didn’t even consider the possibility. But then I remembered that Ezra Furman was playing two nights in the area, and I just couldn’t stay away. Even feeling as lousy as I still do with a cold and post-holiday cookie withdrawal, … Continue reading Ezra Furman At SPACE 12/29/12