The Felice Brothers-Undress

It’s been just under three years since the last album from The Felice Brothers. It was the end, in a lot of ways, of their under-the-radar career. They’ve been dragged into the mainstream, somewhat, by their musical collaborations with Conor Oberst. On Salutations they beefed up the solo piano tunes from Conor’s Ruminations while bringing the heat on songs like “Napalm.” Their fanbase opened up … Continue reading The Felice Brothers-Undress

Conor Oberst And The Felice Brothers-“Napalm”

A few years ago I had the pleasure of heading west to Los Angeles for a little festival in Santa Monica. Way Over Yonder was billed as a folk fest put on by the same people that do the Newport Folk Festival every year. There were certainly some great folk acts on the bill, but it was here that I saw the greatest rock and … Continue reading Conor Oberst And The Felice Brothers-“Napalm”

Top Concerts of 2016

Some would have you believe that Beyonc√© or Coldplay or maybe even Radiohead put on the best shows in 2016 (probably a couple for LCD Soundsystem, too). If they’re talking about making money, then yes, those artists definitely did. But, judging shows purely on the music, these were my 10 favorites of the year. Titus Andronicus at Bottom Lounge Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins … Continue reading Top Concerts of 2016

Music.Defined. Best Photos Of 2016

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned what I think about taking pictures at concerts. I take more of a photojournalists approach to the art form, preferring to show images that capture the moment as it was. I do not understand the obsession with double exposure shots, vivid editing that changes the colors to appear much brighter than they actually were, or Prisma filters that make … Continue reading Music.Defined. Best Photos Of 2016