RE: The Greatest 25 Films Of The 21st Century (BBC)

So the buffoons over at BBC got buzzed on some Earl Grey and posted this whack version of the best 25 films made so far this century (nay, this milennia!). There’s some good stuff on there, many films also appear on my list below, but there’s a few I can’t get behind. How Pan’s Labyrinth is still considered to be some amazing film boggles my … Continue reading RE: The Greatest 25 Films Of The 21st Century (BBC)

Natalie Prass Stars In Short Film Oh Jerome, No

Since Natalie was kind enough to use my picture from her Pitchfork performance last year on her Instagram yesterday, I figured it only polite to reciprocate and feature something she’s got going right now. She acts and provided the music for the short film Oh Jerome, No, directed by Alex Karpovsky. It’s not a new album or tour news, but it’s still pretty great. Continue reading Natalie Prass Stars In Short Film Oh Jerome, No

2016 Oscar Predictions

   I tried my best to see every movie nominated this year, but I fell short by one. I don’t think I’m going to make it to a theater (at least a theater that isn’t playing Krull in glorious 70MM) before Sunday night, so that will be a strike against me trying to make these predictions. I’ll give it my best shot. Best Supporting Actor … Continue reading 2016 Oscar Predictions

Valentine’s Love Fest

   In past years I’ve always made a playlist of songs that I thought fit with the Valentine’s Day celebration. This year, I’ve decided to do a list of films instead, since there aren’t enough good love songs coming out every year to necessitate a new list. So here are some things you can watch with your boo/bae/significant other. The Philadelphia Story: Cary Grant as … Continue reading Valentine’s Love Fest