Top 25 Tracks Of 2012 (so far)

Last week I posted my top 25 albums released so far this year. This week I’m once again foregoing my regularly posted Revolving Top Ten and providing you with my Top 25 Tracks so far. You’ll probably notice quite a bit of overlap between albums and songs. That’s to be expected. If it’s a top 25 album, chances are there is at least one top … Continue reading Top 25 Tracks Of 2012 (so far)

First Aid Kit at Lincoln Hall 4/6/12

If there’s one thing I took away from Friday nights First Aid Kit show, it’s that I need to educate myself on their first record. Granted they played all ten songs off The Lion’s Roar, and they were all great, but they also selected a few numbers from their older album and I felt left out of the group. This especially rang true toward the … Continue reading First Aid Kit at Lincoln Hall 4/6/12

Valentine’s Day For Indie Kids

Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday designed to boost retail sales of jewelry, candy, stationary, and any other foolish thing people may want that has a heart on it. I think we can all agree there. It’s ridiculous, old-fashioned, and all of the good tv shows are forced to do stupid Valentine’s episodes that generally suck. However, it’s also a great time for romance … Continue reading Valentine’s Day For Indie Kids