Sound & Shape-Peasants

It’s been 3 years since Sound & Shape’s last release, Bad Actors. The Nashvillians return with Peasants on March 24th. The 5-song EP is another step up for the rock band who have been working their way toward mainstream popularity for almost a decade. Peasants is easily their most accessible work, with passages reminiscent of everything from Queens Of The Stone Age to Steely Dan. … Continue reading Sound & Shape-Peasants

Bottlerock Announces Lineup For 2017 Festival

My experience at Bottlerock last year was pretty great. I had to transcribe interviews for a different website, but I got to take photos of some great bands. They have a really nice setup in Napa, with a stage where bands join chefs to cook food, great wine options if you’re into that sort of thing, and a bunch of interesting food options. The lineup … Continue reading Bottlerock Announces Lineup For 2017 Festival


There is a certain amount of genius needed to make the kind of music Brian King does under the moniker Oranjuly. Lucky for us, he has enough and then some. On this self-titled debut, Brian not only wrote all the songs, but played all the instruments and, I assume, had band meetings that produced tension and led to band breakups and eventual reunions. I wasn’t … Continue reading Oranjuly