Fort Frances-A Billion Drums

Somehow it’s been over two years since I last wrote about Fort Frances. They’ve put out a few singles since then, and they’re only a few days away from their new record, Look What Tomorrow Brought Us, hitting the digital platforms. It’s been a long road for singer/songwriter David McMillin, and you can hear the maturing and changing perspective in the recent songs, but especially … Continue reading Fort Frances-A Billion Drums

Fort Frances-These Lights Will Shine Again

It remains a scary time for most humans around the globe. I have personally found it very hard to relate to new music coming out right now that was recorded well before any of this current craziness started. So, I was happy to receive a new song from my friends in Fort Frances that puts a positive spin on these months of isolation. The track … Continue reading Fort Frances-These Lights Will Shine Again

Fort Frances-Alio

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. That’s true of life in general, but it holds even more true creatively. Especially if that form of creativity is how you make a living. For example, a musician might have years of prolific songwriting that envelopes all genres and styles. But once that artist starts making money and realizes it’s a certain kind of song people … Continue reading Fort Frances-Alio

Fort Frances at Schubas 9/23/2015

   Earlier this year Fort Frances put out their latest EP, No One Needs To Know Our Name. It’s managed to stay in my top 20 releases of 2015 through a summer that saw a lot of good music, so definitely check it out if you haven’t. It’s on Spotify and iTunes (not yet on Tidal). The album is markedly different from previous efforts, leaving … Continue reading Fort Frances at Schubas 9/23/2015

Fort Frances-No One Needs To Know Our Name EP

“Don’t confuse a memory of who you were with what you need.” With that line Fort Frances’ new EP reaches its climax, in the middle of the single “Anonymous,” and the band announces-without question-their plans to continue evolving. No One Needs To Know Our Name is a leap forward for the Chicago trio, leaning more toward rock than their folk beginnings. Traces of Spoon and … Continue reading Fort Frances-No One Needs To Know Our Name EP