The Future Laureates-Fortress Sessions


When The Future Laureates first released their debut full-length, Your Mom Would Like Us, it was easy to write it off as silly pop music in the vein of Presidents Of The United States Of America. Over the years since then, they’ve matured as songwriters and as a band. They still write a lot of fun music, but they dig a little deeper and add more complexity to their tunes. They remain one hundred percent a pop band, but they’d be more in line with a Matchbox Twenty-type band (love em or hate em, Rob Thomas writes damn fine pop songs).

They stake their claim right out of the gate on “Galahad’s Song.” It kicks off with a piano chord progression that reminds me of a Lionel Richie song, but then Matt Daigler’s voice comes in. Before you know it there are harmonies, horns, guitar solos, and then a trippy breakdown. The song is about how life is a journey and you have to be ready for anything. The final line of the song is “Come on let’s go,” as if the band is inviting us to travel along with them. Continue reading “The Future Laureates-Fortress Sessions”