Dan Rico-Flesh & Bone

The greatest joys in life come at you unexpectedly, and that is the case with the new single from Dan Rico. Despite being a Chicago-based singer/songwriter, I was completely unfamiliar with him until a couple days ago. His brash garage-pop is immensely enjoyable. It feels like a basement freak out with your friends, only with much better results. The guitar sounds harken back to Marc … Continue reading Dan Rico-Flesh & Bone

CIFF Capsule Review: Two Days, One Night

Few filmmakers have been more consistent than the Dardenne’s when it comes to making quality movies. Their new film about a woman given a weekend to win her blue-collar job back while battling depression continues their reign atop the world of human stories. Marion Cotillard, best known in the States for her work with Christopher Nolan, gives a brave performance in her native tongue. The … Continue reading CIFF Capsule Review: Two Days, One Night