Best Albums 2011-2021

Last year was the tenth anniversary of this website, and I mostly let it pass without much acknowledgement. Yesterday I did a quick top ten ranking for Wes Anderson’s films because it was his birthday, and that got me thinking about a new list. I’ve done some fun ones before, most notably the best 100 songs 2010-2014. A lot of my workday yesterday was spent … Continue reading Best Albums 2011-2021

Primavera Packs A Punch In 2017

Barcelona’s Primavera Sound music festival has long been the standard-bearer for anyone trying to put on a music fest. It continues to fill the lineup with excellent acts across all genres and keeps the party going until the sun comes up with dance and techno music after the headliners finish their sets. This year shall be no different, with another exquisite mixture of rock, hip-hop, … Continue reading Primavera Packs A Punch In 2017

Top 50 Albums Of 2016

  Lemonade isn’t in my top 50 albums of the year. As queen Bey herself would say, “Sorry, I ain’t sorry.” If that makes you say “Boy, bye” than I’ll quote her again: “I ain’t thinkin’ ’bout you.” Like most years, 2016 was neither as bad as some would like to make you think nor great. Unless you’re just talking about the year as a … Continue reading Top 50 Albums Of 2016

Frank Ocean-“At Your Best (You Are Love)” (Isley Brothers Cover)

We got a Thanksgiving treat from Frank Ocean in the form of a new song called “Memrise.” Now he’s back with a cover of The Isley Brothers 1976 classic “At Your Best (You Are Love).” It could be a way to honor Aaliyah’s birthday yesterday, as the song featured on her debut record as well. Ocean’s version is ridiculously gorgeous. Quiet and clean, with just … Continue reading Frank Ocean-“At Your Best (You Are Love)” (Isley Brothers Cover)

Frank Ocean-“Memrise”

Here’s a little something to be thankful for this year: Frank Ocean just released a new track to keep those holiday spirits high! It’s only two minutes long, so it’s more a tease than anything, but it means he’s working on some stuff and felt like it was time to release something for those who have been eagerly awaiting new music since he dropped channel … Continue reading Frank Ocean-“Memrise”