Local Motive at House Of Blues 5/17/18

I returned from vacation halfway around the world to check out some music a little closer to home. House Of Blues hosted a night of bands from around Chicago and I caught a couple of really talented acts that I’d never before seen. Both had a huge stage presence and a lot of energy. First was Tamarie T and The Elektra Kumpany. If you’re familiar … Continue reading Local Motive at House Of Blues 5/17/18

Wes John Cichosz-“Everybody Says”

January is generally a catch-up month, so I haven’t posted on much new music. Instead I’m going back through 2017 stuff I missed and trying to make up for it. Last week I reviewed Lilly Winwood’s EP. After that, I spent some time with her dad’s band Traffic. I was surprised to notice a lot of similarities when I turned on Wes John Cichosz’s song … Continue reading Wes John Cichosz-“Everybody Says”

The Right Now-Starlight

A few years ago someone sent me a copy of The Right Now Gets Over You to review. It wasn’t like anything I was listening to at the time-a throwback breakup record filled with funk and R&B and some of the best vocals I’d heard in ages. While Stefanie Berecz’s vocals carried the record for me, it was apparent that there was a lot of … Continue reading The Right Now-Starlight