The Right Now-Starlight

A few years ago someone sent me a copy of The Right Now Gets Over You to review. It wasn’t like anything I was listening to at the time-a throwback breakup record filled with funk and R&B and some of the best vocals I’d heard in ages. While Stefanie Berecz’s vocals carried the record for me, it was apparent that there was a lot of … Continue reading The Right Now-Starlight

An Early North Coast Day 1 In Photos

I’m headed back to work now, so I couldn’t stay at North Coast for the headliners tonight. Fortunately, one of our friends was kind enough to step in and shoot for me. I’ll have her pics sometime this weekend and Kari will be shooting the rest of the weekend as well. Many, many photos to come that will be better than these. For now, I … Continue reading An Early North Coast Day 1 In Photos

Dunn Dunn Fest Night 2: Lincoln Hall

   Here’s a little Dunn Dunn Fest riddle for you: what do you get when you cross amazing bands, a great crowd, and a first-class music venue? If you guessed “night 2 of Dunn Dunn Fest, specifically the show at Lincoln Hall featuring Nasty Snacks, Alanna Royale, and Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, congratulations! Go reward yourself with a cookie. I’ll wait. How was … Continue reading Dunn Dunn Fest Night 2: Lincoln Hall

Beck “Dreams” Up Something Sweet

After taking a detour back through Sea Change country on Morning Phase, Beck is back with a track that would make Pitbull weep sugary tears it’s so sticky with pop sweetness. The genre-bending icon hasn’t lost his touch when it comes to disco tinged dance rock. This is the most fun he’s had on record since the release of Guero, and I can’t wait to … Continue reading Beck “Dreams” Up Something Sweet