The Congregation-Record Collection

It’s been a long wait for the new record by Chicago’s soul/r&b band The Congregation. Just before their last record they were opening for Wilco and Garbage, then it got a little silent in the aftermath of the release. Right Now Everything was at times a raucous jam of a blues record that I thought would propel these deserving musicians to the next level. I … Continue reading The Congregation-Record Collection

The Congregation Record Release Show At Martyrs 9/28/12

When I found out that The Congregation were going to have their record release show at Martyrs, I was shocked. This is the same band who spent the summer playing opening sets for Wilco, The Flaming Lips and Garbage. I won’t complain, because our time is limited to see them play in small venues. I’ll jump at every chance they give us. It doesn’t hurt … Continue reading The Congregation Record Release Show At Martyrs 9/28/12

The Congregation-Right Now Everything

If you’ve read some of my posts over the last few months, or follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that there are few bands from the Chicago area that I love more than The Congregation. They’ve only been playing together since the beginning of 2010, but you’d never guess it. The EP they put out in December of that year, Not For Sleepin’, was quite … Continue reading The Congregation-Right Now Everything

The Congregation’s Busy Summer Vacation


The Congregation have a big summer ahead of them, and it’s kicking off this weekend at Fitzgerald’s in Oak Park on Saturday. Some of you may have noticed that the band has been getting more and more buzz since earlier this year when it was announced they’d be opening for Wilco on July 8 in Geneva, IL and being mentioned in Paste Magazine. As if that’s not enough, they’re also planning to drop their first full-length in the fall called Right Now Everything and have a slew of shows lined up all over Chicago including the Sheffield Garden Walk and Taste Of Lincoln Ave.

To prepare everyone for the ridiculous amount of awesome they are about to behold, I give you my original review of the bands 2010 EP, Not For Sleepin’. Continue reading “The Congregation’s Busy Summer Vacation”