Dum Dum Girls at Pitchfork

Maybe not as exciting as Perfect Pussy or Schoolboy Q, Dum Dum Girls certainly delivered the coolest set of the day. The group came out in their traditional all black everything, including Dee Dee in black fishnets, miniskirt and mesh top with sunglasses as dark as death itself. They couldn’t have looked more hip if they were smoking cigarettes in leather jackets while jumping motorcycles … Continue reading Dum Dum Girls at Pitchfork

Christopher Owens at Lincoln Hall 1/15/2013

We’re more than two weeks into the new year and I’ve only reviewed one new album. I’ve been keeping busy with some other things, so it says a lot about Christopher Owens solo debut, Lysandre, that I made time for it. Like many people I bought tickets to see his live show months before I’d really heard anything off the album, but I was excited … Continue reading Christopher Owens at Lincoln Hall 1/15/2013

Christopher Owens-Lysandre

Last summer when Girls officially broke up, I took it pretty bad. Like a lot of people, I thought the music Christopher Owens and Chet White were making was the tip-top of the day. Father, Son, Holy Ghost would be their last album together, and it was my second-favorite album of 2011. So, when Owens announced that he was working on a solo record to … Continue reading Christopher Owens-Lysandre

Valentine’s Day For Indie Kids

Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday designed to boost retail sales of jewelry, candy, stationary, and any other foolish thing people may want that has a heart on it. I think we can all agree there. It’s ridiculous, old-fashioned, and all of the good tv shows are forced to do stupid Valentine’s episodes that generally suck. However, it’s also a great time for romance … Continue reading Valentine’s Day For Indie Kids