Graveface Records Showcase at Subterranean 3/28/18

Last night Savannah, GA-based label Graveface stopped through Chicago to highlight a few bands that are currently touring together. Graveface founder Ryan Graveface brought his band Dreamend, supporting what he says is likely their last album that’s due out in a couple of weeks. They also brought Velvet Bethany from Buffalo, NY and The Lipschitz who are based right here in Chicago. Headlining the night … Continue reading Graveface Records Showcase at Subterranean 3/28/18

Night School-Blush

2016 seems to be the year I only write reviews for albums I get months in advance. The latest from Fort Frances and Christopher The Conquered were in my earholes for a long while before I actually got to write about them and it was driving me crazy. That’s why I’m telling you about Night School right now. Their record doesn’t come out on Graveface … Continue reading Night School-Blush