Guy King-Devil’s Toy (featuring Joe Bonamassa)

Every once in a while I fall deep into a blues rabbit hole and I will gladly stay there for a few days, listening to the greats and then I’ll stop cold and not listen again for a long time. Earlier this year I was sent on one of these blues benders by the release of How Blue Can You Get, a set of unreleased … Continue reading Guy King-Devil’s Toy (featuring Joe Bonamassa)

Billy Strings at Bottom Lounge 1/25/19

Friday night I went to a show at Bottom Lounge in downtown Chicago, but I felt like I was in a big open barn nestled in the foothills of Appalachia being serenaded with the bluegrass charms of Billy Strings. The acoustic guitar virtuoso has surrounded himself with a group of talented musicians who do their best to keep up with the nimble-fingered 26 year old … Continue reading Billy Strings at Bottom Lounge 1/25/19

Odetta Hartman at Schubas 10/27/18

For the second time in two months Odetta Hartman graced a stage in Chicago to deliver some of her incredible tunes to a new audience. Filling her set with songs from her latest album, Old Rockhounds Never Die, she took a crowd that was mostly three sheets to the wind and blew them all away. Unlike her previous show here she entered dramatically, walking through … Continue reading Odetta Hartman at Schubas 10/27/18

Molehill-Tin God (Video)

It’s been almost a full year since the last time Molehill was mentioned on this site. That seems crazy, because for a while there they were dominating the bandwidth here. It was just two years ago that I asked them to play the 5th anniversary show for Music.Defined., and they blew the roof off of Beat Kitchen in doing so. Last week they hit UpState … Continue reading Molehill-Tin God (Video)