Tobias Jesso jr at Pitchfork

“We’ll try to keep it down for Panda Bear.” That’s just one of many great pieces of audience banter from Tobias Jesso jr, who I assumed would be much more introverted on stage. He complained that he thought he sounded “warbly,” amd stated that his piano sounded like shit. The crowd disagreed, of course, and he quickly changed his tune.   He stuck to songs … Continue reading Tobias Jesso jr at Pitchfork

Tobias Jesso Jr-Goon

If I’m being honest, I had no idea who Tobias Jesso was until the Pitchfork lineup was released a couple weeks ago. I looked at everyone playing, made a list of those I didn’t know, and went about checking out their music. Jesso is the only one that really took me by surprise. He’s got a rich, intoxicating voice that harkens back to 70’s singer/songwriters … Continue reading Tobias Jesso Jr-Goon

Lollapalooza Gets Weird

After a fairly innocuous start yesterday, Lollapalooza took quite a turn as the sun went down and people got a little more loose with the flowing alcohol and various other substances. After catching part of Band Of Horses set I decided I needed some time away from the masses and went for a walk outside the grounds. It was a little humid, but overall a … Continue reading Lollapalooza Gets Weird