Hoots & Hellmouth At Schubas 5/20/12

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I walked into Schubas Sunday night to see Hoots & Hellmouth. I knew from their newest album, Salt, that they’d play some well-written folk songs that would quench my desire for a laid back evening. Turns out I was wrong on that count, as I left the venue sweating after a raucous set led by the energetic and soulful frontman Sean Hoots.

I had a chance to speak with Sean right after Cloudbirds set was finished. It wasn’t a long chat, but he mentioned how much he loved playing at Schubas and how great the sound system is. Couldn’t agree more with that. He also said that the band now travels with their own sound guy. I have to say, as good as Schubas usually sounds, this show was even better. Kudos to the gentleman behind the boards.

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Hoots and Hellmouth-Salt

A couple of weeks ago I posted a song off of Hoots and Hellmouth‘s new album, Salt, with the promise of a review within the next week. Well that didn’t happen, obviously, and now I find myself listening and writing with less than 24 hours before it is officially released. The song, “Why Would You Not Want To Go There” stood out to me as … Continue reading Hoots and Hellmouth-Salt