Mad Clown and San E “We Want You” Tour at Park West 04/29/18

My experience with KPop is fairly limited. When I lived in Iowa the college radio station had a show on some afternoons where they would play that style of music for an hour or two, and I would listen if I was driving around the city. It was interesting, but nothing I followed up with or would check out on my own time. Recently, I’ve … Continue reading Mad Clown and San E “We Want You” Tour at Park West 04/29/18

Ric Wilson-Split ft. Sen Morimoto

The Chicago rap scene has gone through a lot of changes over the last decade. From the rise of Kanye, the beginnings of soul-trap, and the war over Chi-raq. Coming out on the other side, we’ve been fortunate to find the city has no shortage of talent. So much so that it’s hard for anyone new to get heard under the omnipresent shadow of Chance. … Continue reading Ric Wilson-Split ft. Sen Morimoto

Styles P at Metro 2/2/2017

I don’t think I need to say too much about Styles P. The Lox, Ruff Ryders, D-Block Records, now he’ got a collaboration coming out with Talib Kweli and is currently opening on the Sevens Tour, where I caught him last night. Over 20 years into his career he still brings the energy to his live show. He even got off the stage and did … Continue reading Styles P at Metro 2/2/2017

Talib Kweli at Metro 2/2/2017

Talib Kweli is, without question, one of hip hop’s greatest ambassadors. His music has a message of social justice and peace, he’s constantly collaborating with up and coming talent, and he has the talent of the best MC’s minus the arrogance. His shows are always a good time because they’re less about him and more about the love of music. Last night at Metro in … Continue reading Talib Kweli at Metro 2/2/2017

K’Valentine-Here For A Reason

Chicago has enjoyed a decade of music coming from the inner-city kids that grew up surrounded by violence and discrimination. Some have approached it with cynicism, while others have tried to add some light where there’s already too much darkness. K’Valentine falls in with the latter, spinning a positive vibe and “we can do it” attitude in her lyrics. Thankfully, K’Valentine doesn’t use as much … Continue reading K’Valentine-Here For A Reason