Craig Finn-“Screenwriters School”

Just a few months after releasing the critically acclaimed album Faith In The Future, Craig Finn is back with a new version of his EP Newmyer’s Roof (released last year via his PledgeMusic campaign) featuring a couple bonus tracks. “Screenwriters School” is dark and brooding, a little bit Lou Reed in atmosphere. The saxophone and electronic beats are a nice touch. As is the single … Continue reading Craig Finn-“Screenwriters School”

Taste Of Randolph 2012 Preview

I don’t usually preview the street festivals in Chicago. There are a bunch of reasons why, but two big ones are: Not all of the people that read this site are from Chicago, so why would they care. The other one is that there are SO MANY street festivals in this city! At least four or five every weekend in the summer. That’s great, but … Continue reading Taste Of Randolph 2012 Preview