One-Sentence Reviews 8/25/2015

Dr. Dre-Compton: People seem to love it because it’s Dre, but it’s actually not good at all because it’s Dre. Beach House-Depression Cherry: Not a big Beach House fan, but they seem to have a knack for making really beautiful music boring. Carly Rae Jepsen-Emotion: Mix early-era Madonna with Passion Pit and you’ve got something close to this pop album that seems to be getting … Continue reading One-Sentence Reviews 8/25/2015

One-sentence Reviews 5/7/2015

   Such Jubilee by Mandolin Orange-A nice listen if you’re alone in a canoe letting the river carry you to an unknown destination. Painted Shut by Hop Along-If The Go-Go’s and Sleater-Kinney formed a supergroup that no one cared about, it would probably sound like this. The Waterfall by My Morning Jacket-I never thought I’d be looking back fondly at the solo work from Jim James. MC III by … Continue reading One-sentence Reviews 5/7/2015