Fiona Apple-The Idler Wheel


It’s hard to believe the wait is finally over. After seven years of laying low, not playing shows and not releasing any new material Fiona Apple has finally bestowed upon us the album we’ve all been waiting for. The fact that she was able to wait so long to release it and that people still remember/want to hear it is amazing. In this day and age it’s career suicide to take ONE year off, let alone the better part of a decade.

If there’s one thing Fiona has always been, it’s honest. If she didn’t have anything to write about she wasn’t going to waste her time and ours by singing some drivel she didn’t really believe in. Her albums have acted as her personal diary that she opens for everyone to read. She is probably the most intimately revealing artist working in the past couple decades (along with Lauryn Hill), and that kind of open vulnerability can be emotionally exhausting, so if she needs to take off huge chunks of time between albums (as she always has), I’m cool with it.

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