Adam Torres at Schubas 6/3/2016

Friday night I had the pleasure to check out Adam Torres playing an early show at Schubas in Chicago. I was mostly unfamiliar with the singer, but I had no problem enjoying the mood he created in the room with his songs. His debut, Nostra Nova, has evolved into a kind of cult classic, and the music he played from his newest release, Pearls To … Continue reading Adam Torres at Schubas 6/3/2016

Shilpa Ray Releases Make Up EP Ahead Of US Tour

The pairing of Lou Reed and Dinah Washington covers may seem like an odd selection for an EP to some (including myself), but in the hands of Shilpa Ray it makes all the sense in the world. The singer turns both into timeless jazz standards with a brassy voice perfect for the Broadway stage. Both are a far cry from the sounds on Ray’s debut … Continue reading Shilpa Ray Releases Make Up EP Ahead Of US Tour

of Montreal-Aureate Gloom

Since the release of 2010’s False Priest I’ve been listening to people say of Montreal lost whatever magic they had left. It was their tenth album, so maybe time finally caught up with the band. That would be a valid point of it weren’t completely wrong. False Priest is one of their strongest records to date, and a nice change of pace that continued on … Continue reading of Montreal-Aureate Gloom

Tangerine-“Nothing Better”

When I saw the name Tangerine pop up in my mailbox last week, for some reason I kept thinking of Tangerine Dream. Not entirely sure why, but it was a couple days before I had a chance to listen to it. I was pretty disappointed at first-still thinking it was the German electronic group that scored Ridley Scott’s Legend. But after a couple minutes I … Continue reading Tangerine-“Nothing Better”