Photo by Rebecca Miller

Voxtrot: Reuniting For The Real Ones

It’s hard to believe ten years passed between the last Voxtrot show and the announcement that they were getting back together. Maybe because I didn’t really know the band until the very end of their run, when they released “Berlin, Without Return” that got some play on the college station where I lived. It’s got that “Playground Love” style intro that instantly pulled me in … Continue reading Voxtrot: Reuniting For The Real Ones

Wooing-In Her Head

Rachel Trachtenburg has already been making music for what seems like forever. With Wooing, her newest project, she’s taking on more of the work and delivering her most personal music yet. As part of the Trachtenburg Family Sideshow Players she was the drummer and slowly started doing more. Now she’s fronting a band of her own, with JR Thomason on guitar and Rosie Slater on … Continue reading Wooing-In Her Head

Adam Torres at Schubas 6/3/2016

Friday night I had the pleasure to check out Adam Torres playing an early show at Schubas in Chicago. I was mostly unfamiliar with the singer, but I had no problem enjoying the mood he created in the room with his songs. His debut, Nostra Nova, has evolved into a kind of cult classic, and the music he played from his newest release, Pearls To … Continue reading Adam Torres at Schubas 6/3/2016