Tangerine-“Nothing Better”

When I saw the name Tangerine pop up in my mailbox last week, for some reason I kept thinking of Tangerine Dream. Not entirely sure why, but it was a couple days before I had a chance to listen to it. I was pretty disappointed at first-still thinking it was the German electronic group that scored Ridley Scott’s Legend. But after a couple minutes I … Continue reading Tangerine-“Nothing Better”

Islands at Empty Bottle 10/14/13

Last year Islands hit Chicago for a show at Lincoln Hall a couple weeks after their album A Sleep And A Forgetting was released. Following the same timeline this year, they played last night at Empty Bottle with Ski Mask hitting shelves very recently. Empty Bottle is a much smaller venue, so I was shocked that tickets remained available up until the time of the … Continue reading Islands at Empty Bottle 10/14/13

The Multiple Cat-The Hill, Pt 1 (Video)

If you follow me on Twitter or get my status updates on Facebook, you already know that things had to slow down here on the site as I’m spending my time this week packing and getting set to move to a new apartment. But, sometimes you hear something and you just have to post about it. That’s how I feel about The Multiple Cat. The … Continue reading The Multiple Cat-The Hill, Pt 1 (Video)

Fort Frances-Harbour

I’ve been pretty forthright about my personal relationship with Fort Frances’ lead singer/songwriter David McMillin. We’re friends, I assume he would agree. I’ve also not been shy about how much I love the music Fort Frances makes, and that started before I ever met David. So when we met up a few weeks ago at a local malt shop to grab a couple sodas, we … Continue reading Fort Frances-Harbour

Rilo Kiley-Rkives (Rarities Collection)

It’s been over five years since Rilo Kiley’s last album, Under The Blacklight, was released. In the years following Jenny Lewis has put out two solo records and one with her boyfriend Johnathan Rice. Blake Sennett and Jason Boesel have continued their work in The Elected, releasing a very good album in 2011 called Bury Me In My Rings. 2011 was also the year that … Continue reading Rilo Kiley-Rkives (Rarities Collection)