Canasta’s 10th Anniversary Show At Schuba’s


It was a bit odd for me on Saturday night to be standing barely five feet away from the stage where, ten years earlier, Canasta played their very first show. Odd because for the first nine and a half years of their existence I paid very little attention to them. Just a couple years ago I was hearing a lot of their praise for their most recent album, The Fakeout, The Tease, and The Breather-and still I gave them no mind. It wasn’t until I saw them play a show at Lincoln Hall in January that I discovered their majesty. Last week I reviewed their now two year old album on the site, and it is a brilliant piece of work. I plan on remaining much more aware of their moves over the following ten years.

The show kicked off with a slideshow detailing the band’s history, put together by co-founder Elizabeth Lindau. Pictures of the original lineup were set to the theme song from “Perfect Strangers,” while later photos were backed with Sara McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You.” In addition to the ever-evolving facial hair of Matt Priest, it was interesting to see just how many people have been involved with Canasta over the years. Near the end of the slideshow there was a list of every show they’ve ever played, and it read like the opening of a Star Wars movie. Over the last decade the band has played something like one hundred million shows.


On this particular evening, the show was as much a history lesson for new fans as it was a rollicking good time for long-loyal diehards (Canastanites?). Their very first show at Schubas was a Belle & Sebastian cover show, at which they played one song-“Seeing Other People.” Of the four covers Canasta tore through for their anniversary, two of them were by the Glaswegians. “I Didn’t See It Coming” was played near perfectly by the band, while “I’m A Cuckoo” fell a little flat for me. Probably because I’m a much bigger fan of the former. Back in September Canasta played a full set as Belle & Sebastian, which I missed. Hopefully they’ll be doing that again someday. Continue reading “Canasta’s 10th Anniversary Show At Schuba’s”