The Maytags-Marry Ya (Video)

I’ve written about a lot of Iowa bands over the years. None of them are dripping with blue-eyes soul like The Maytags on their newest track “Marry Ya.” On the cusp of releasing their album Love Lines (July 1), the septet hit all the right notes in this classic-style black and white video. (Directed by Bruce Bales from Deft Production, so you know it’s good!) … Continue reading The Maytags-Marry Ya (Video)

New Song Premiere: Twins-Teenage Grenade

Somewhere along the thin line that separates rock music from punk is where the new album from Cedar Valley, IA quartet Twins resides. Their last record, Tomboys On Parade, was a stark reminder that true rock and roll can survive. On Square America, it thrives. Built on the foundation provided by The Heartbreakers, The Kinks, and The Stones, Twins usher in a new kind of … Continue reading New Song Premiere: Twins-Teenage Grenade

Radio Moscow-250 Miles/Brain Cycles

A long time ago, and I’m talking almost a decade here, I saw Radio Moscow at The Maintenance Shop in Ames, Iowa opening for (I think) The Besnard Lakes. Even at a very young age, I found Parker Griggs guitar work very impressive. It was a big show for the Story City natives, and apparently another step in what has become a nice long career. … Continue reading Radio Moscow-250 Miles/Brain Cycles

80/35 Weekend Recap

   Great music, amazing food, good friends…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why this year’s 80/35 music festival was the best yet. With attendance upwards of 35,000 people, Des Moines was overrun with people looking for a fun time, and boy did they deliver. I wasn’t sure that it would be worth the 5.5 hour drive from Chicago, and I was pleasantly surprised. … Continue reading 80/35 Weekend Recap