From The Archives: Mister Heavenly at Lincoln Hall 1/14/2011

I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired to write about any new music over the past couple months. I think we’re all in the doldrums of isolation by now. So, just for the sake of posting something in case everyone has forgotten about this website, here’s an old post from 2011 and the first time I saw Mister Heavenly. It was also the first show I … Continue reading From The Archives: Mister Heavenly at Lincoln Hall 1/14/2011

Mister Heavenly-“Makin’ Excuses”

I put in my pre-order for the new Mister Heavenly album, Boxing The Moonlight, about 5 seconds after I saw the announcement. So, if you’re looking for objectivity you’ll have to search elsewhere. My unabashed love for this supergroup (Nick Thorburn of Islands, Ryan Kattner of Man Man, and Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse) has no end. Ever since the first time I heard them … Continue reading Mister Heavenly-“Makin’ Excuses”

Top Albums Of 2013: 25-1

25. Jamaican Queens–Wormfood 24. Dr. Skinnybones–A Last Hurrah For The Glory Of Drinking Alone 23. The Thermals–Desperate Ground 22. Smith Westerns–Soft Will 21. Night Terrors Of 1927–Guilty Pleas EP 20. Deltron 3030-The Event II 19. Yeah Yeah Yeahs–Mosquito 18. Portugal. The Man.–Evil Friends 17. The All-About–Suburban Heart 16. Fort Frances–Harbour 15. Killer Mike & El-P-Run The Jewels 14.Camera Obscura–Desire Lines 13. Rilo Kiley–RKives 12. Golden Bloom–No Day Like Today 11. Christopher Owens–Lysandre 10. Islands–Ski Mask 9. Janelle Monae–The Electric Lady 8. Of … Continue reading Top Albums Of 2013: 25-1

Islands at Empty Bottle 10/14/13

Last year Islands hit Chicago for a show at Lincoln Hall a couple weeks after their album A Sleep And A Forgetting was released. Following the same timeline this year, they played last night at Empty Bottle with Ski Mask hitting shelves very recently. Empty Bottle is a much smaller venue, so I was shocked that tickets remained available up until the time of the … Continue reading Islands at Empty Bottle 10/14/13

Islands-Ski Mask

In 2009, following the release of Vapours, a lot of people told me that Islands had become a completely different band. They were upset by the heavy use of poppy synths and slick mainstream production. I didn’t understand the problem because that’s always been Islands to me. They’ve never hidden the fact that they’re a pop band-they just happen to be one that writes sometimes … Continue reading Islands-Ski Mask